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Ottmar Ponce

Ottmar Ponce

June 20, 1964 ~ February 05, 2021

Ottmar Ponce 6-20-1964-2/5/2021

Ottmar went to heaven to be with his parents, Angelita Crespo and Ottmar Ponce Sr. and his brothers, Freddy, Jose and William Morales.
He leaves behind his significant other, Sandra Gates of 22 years, his brothers, Louie Morales, David Morales, Michael Morales and Joe Morales.
He also leaves his children, Vanessa Ponce, Adam Ponce, Catherine Ponce and Sergio Ponce along with many nieces, nephews and cousins. Ottmar loved his family and friends dearly and never met a stranger. Cousin Angel Kuilan from New York, Photo Morales, Michael Morales, Jr., David Turner and Reza Ray, his loving friend and great positive story teller. Full of laughter and inspiration. For that we will never forget.
He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and spent his early childhood in New York. Around ten years old, his family moved to Holyoke, MA.. In 2011 he moved to Daytona Beach, Florida with Sandy, his significant other.
He loved going for rides on the beach and around Florida. He loved watching animal farms and laughed like crazy when we got our first senior discount.
He battled cancer like a trooper for four years, and tried to listen to his brother Joe’s story, who use to box. Joe and Roseann would tell us when you’re in the ring the idea is not to get hit by the punches…..and that’s how he dealt with his cancer.
Finally, Ottmar called Captain Pipo on Playstation game. His friends for years were great strength for him. Bryan Foster, Clarence Taylor, rotten one. On socom. staying up all night and having a great time. Also Tara, a great friend in God…helping us to keep smiling.
He loved to be busy and had many jobs but loved masonry and construction the best.
I am the luckiest woman in the world to have been blessed by God for him to be my partner… protector…love of my life. Who he always said to me he loved me to the moon and back . I will forever miss him until it’s my turn to go to heaven and be with him.
He loved all sports but mainly the New York Yankees and Patriots. He told me he will miss calling his brother David…hooting and hollering about the game.
I will see you when the good Lord lets me see you again. Save a seat for me. I pray you are free of pain. Walking and talking and eating. Love you to the moon and back.


Sandra gates

March 10, 2021, 1:54 am

The love of my life. You have brought me incredible joy and happiness…..never worried about little things. God always helped us get by. Joe Morales was to be in this article, he is Ottmar’s brother from New York. Perhaps that can be fixed….I’m lost and broken hearted….but will continue to do things for our community…gave us such joy..I was so happy to be your caregiver….a hundred times a day. We wouldn’t have to sign language we knew what to do and what order…..that made me happy to help you….see you when god lets me in. My wonderful loving man. I’m so proud of you. Love Sandy

Nita Nash

March 10, 2021, 10:35 pm

What a beautiful tribute Sandy has written. I was blessed to have Ottmar as a FB friend during the last year of his life. Although we didn’t meet face-to-face, I could feel his spirit and his strength. He was deeply loved and gently cared for by his soulmate, Sandy. His memory will live on. Rest in God’s peace, my special friend.

Amber Larrivee

March 10, 2021, 10:41 pm

I’m so sorry Sandy. He sounds like a great man. So glad you both found each other.

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