Cremation Options

We at Tri-County Cremation& Funeral Home offers a quality personalized service that is completely independent of corporation, Wall Street conglomerates. Licensed and regulated by the State, we take great pride in offering around-the-clock service. It is our hope that you feel comfortable allowing us not to lead you down this difficult path, but rather walk by your side to show you the way.

Our cremation service price of $880.00 is all inclusive 


  24 Hours Availability to respond to your request for service
• Personal arrangement consultation with responsible person(s)
• Transportation of the deceased from place of death
• Refrigeration, shelter of deceased until cremation
• Preparation & delivery of original death certificate to doctor
• Obtaining cremation approval from Country Medical Examiner
• Filing original death record with Vital Statistics
• Ordering certified copies of Death Certificate
• Filing original death record with Vital Statistics

• Placement of free obituary in local newspaper
• Notification to Social Security
• Cremation using a rigid fiberboard container
• Medical Examiner’s fee included.

• Includes a temporary urn .

* Some third party charges or fees for services required by the state will apply in certain situations
                                    CASE SPECIFIC SERVICE CHARGES & FEES

• Transportation of deceased beyond 35 miles: $3.00 per mile
• Refrigeration storage of deceased after 10 days: $8.00 per day
• County Medical Examiner cremation approved fee: $30.00 required
• Scattering at Sea by plane: $195.00
• We charge $10.00 for each Death Certificate in Central Florida.
• Domestic shipping of remains by registered mail: $125.00
• Rush Service, within 5 business days: $250.00
• Removal of Pacemaker: $215.00 – required
• ID Viewing, family only, half hour: $300.00
• Reorder of death certificates: $30.00 plus cost of certificates

• Courier/Errand car fee: $125.00 out of our service area